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Cheats and tips

Cheats and tips

Cheats for Euro Truck Simulator


Use a text editor, such as notebook/notepad to edit the “config.cfg” file in the game directory.

Change the lines:

uset g_console “0”   to uset g_console “1”
uset g_developer “0” to uset g_developer “1”

Console cheats

Then, press ~ during game play to display the console window.
Enter one of the following codes.

Now type:

cheat money which will result in +50,000 extra cash.
edit                 which will open the map editor

No police

Change the following line in config.cfg:
uset g_police “1” to uset g_police “0”

No Traffic:

Change the following line in config.cfg
uset g_traffic “1” to uset g_traffic “0”.

Now there is no traffic.

Fast money cheat:

* Go to the directory: C:\Users\My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator\save
* Then open your saved game
* You will see the file: “game.sii”
* open this file with notebook/notepad.
* find this “object”:

bank : _nameless.290F.9AF0 {
money_account: *******

Now simply change the stars to the amount of money you want.

Note: You must have a savegame and dont forget to backup the file before editing